Friday, 10 August 2007

That Friday feeling

It's Friday I'm off to a concert tonight....can't wait!!

Before I do that, lets catch up.

Tobay has a lovely Town Hall (as a building), as a venue it is rubbish, fair play! The sound is unbelievably - go there and find out for yourself or trust me on this one.

It is however a large space and if you get 200+ people inside the sound is dampened.
So! I need to think of away of attracting 200+ people to an LGBT event.

The rest of the day has involved writing, again to the MDO's, maybe they will eventually reply, even if it is ...... sod off!!

Every Object tells a Story. How true that is. This year I collected numerous objects from LGBT people and listerned to as many stories.

So what is it that means something special to me and you.

For me it is......
My Villeroy and Bosh Cats. I just love them. My girlfriend at the time bought the first, a large mainly white china cat, with it's tail very stiff and very upright, beautiful silver points on it's ears lovely. I've been adding to that collection ever since. Ta! ex!!

What object is it for you I wonder?

I have a mini expo, tomorrow. One day event with Age Concern (no comments yet!)

I'll post some picture on Monday for you all.