Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Archiving Photographs lesbian, gay, bisexul and trangender

Archiving and caring for your photographs.
How many photo's have you got in a box under the bed? have you ever thought that they might be of interest to someone who is researching a subject, culture, people or event?
No! well now is the time.
So what might you have?
There is the general photograph and negative.
And that old dusty black and white from before the digital age.
All of these photos are worth conceiving. Over time they will show a significant heritage both for you and your family and for wider communities.
So what do we do to help them last the tests of time?
Photographs, negatives and slides all want to be kept in cool dark places with good ventilation.
Is the attic or the cellar a good place?
No not really. If it is the best you can do then just keep them from the walls and areas where damp could reach them.
A room that doesn't get to hot or cold away from walls which can become damp etc.
Always always whenever you are doing anything in the line of archiving, WASH YOUR HANDS!
Avoid wherever possible using anything other than soft pencils on your photos.
Avoid at all times photo albums that have sticky surfaces.
Try to avoid cellotape, staples, paper clips or rubber bands.
If you are going to use a photograph try if you can to photocopy it. It preserves the original and allows you to make mistakes which will not damage the originals.
Enjoy your pix and let me know what you have in a shoe box. Photo's of gay prides maybe, first girlfriend or picture of a women's room?