Thursday, 23 August 2007


There are just so many different closets.

Large difficult closets that people insist on moving around with them. everywhere.

Smaller closets that never last very long
(I like to call them the 'Argos Closet' cheap and easily disposed of)!

Closets of different colours and textures, multiple closets and closets which impose themselves on the individual and all those around them.

Closets which break and are then repaired, closets that come in pairs.

The gay closet whatever that is!

There are people who say they have never had a closet, are they LGBT?

There are people who have had lead closets and end up poisoned by them.

Many closets, some special and last a lifetime, some last a season.

Some closets are like tides come and go from time to time.

People seem to be able to find space for their closet whatever its size, shape or duration.

It makes no difference what your faith, religion, class, culture, age, gender, educational achievements or failures, your abilities or disabilities your colour, size or shape if you have a closet, you find room for it, for as long as you have it.

Whatever your closet is or was, be thankful it kept you safe.

here's to the closets.