Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Cornwall LGBT History Month

In the 1980's, many people only saw HIV/AIDS as a gay disease, and were not willing to support those who were becoming infected or help to stop the spread. Organisations who produced the 'Silence= death' badge in 1989, tried to encourage people to speak out, and organised demonstrations and marches. During the middle and later in the 1980's many people saw the need for self help groups for gay men affected by HIV/AIDS, their partners and friends and helplines sprang up across the Country to support lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Calling all you wonderful lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in Cornwall. The Royal Cornish Museum will host an Exhibition on LGBT History in February.

What have you got in your attic, backroom, boxes and cupboards that says something about the Heritage of lesbian, gay, bi or trans people in Cornwall?

Make this a great event. make this your event: call me, email me, send a pigeon.....but don't hesitate in making history happen.

Sarah 01392 678643


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