Friday, 24 August 2007

Lesbians unite and bake!

Food and company.

Dyke's across the county are rustling up a slap up meal for two.
Not Me!!

We lesbians are great cooks and better still we love to eat the last slice of lustful chocolate brownie with that special woman who spent two hours baking it for us.

I'm such a good cook that my children now aged 7 and 12 have appreciation wrapped up.

" Mum that was lovely, nice and well cooked" Yes! well cooked, not burnt!

I have been so busy with work and friends and family and pets I never gave myself time to slow down when it came to the cooker, so everything was cooked in a hurry.
Well things are changing.
I can make (without burning) a wonderful pair of pink wobbly jellies, topped with beautiful red cherries!!

One great local expert of lesbian cooking, now living in sunny India, I still remember, made lovely ginger biscuits shaped like living goddesses.

Food can be so sensuous! We simply can not leave it to the straights. It is up to us to carry the banner of good cooking and share this joy with other lesbians locally.

Return to the kitchen, create wonderful tastes and smells. Then invite your lesbian friends to enjoy a great meal. Or feed your girlfriend and just see how grateful she is.... :-)

Whatever you do this bank holiday, enjoy good company and good food.

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