Thursday, 20 September 2007

Homophobia is gay: Dykes Motorbikes

This week my son aged 12 came back from school with a badge on.


Its not just me I am sure. Who on earth thought that one up?

Ok so there could have been a 'good' heart behind it, really though a backhanded attempt is no attempt at all. To change homophobia in schools is going to have to take a little more thought than that.

Give me strenght!

So I'm going to let you know a little more about me.....

Dykes on Bikes.
Sappho Riders
Lesbians loose on motorbikes.

However you say it bikes are a passion a joy and a cheaper way of getting around.
My new Suzuki SV650 S is practical for motorway travel and general packing in the miles.

My Serrow is joy....she grunts and throbs just how i like it. She goes off road into the woods and mud, she zips down ditches and whizzes up slopes with me, she loves the wet and adores dry, oh! she is the one bike I think I will have to look after in her old age, no rest home for her.

I just love to ride and simple things like, putting my fingers on the throttle and taking an easy but determined grasp of the power that the bike has to offer.

The buffer of wind as I ride.

LGBT History is a passion and riding bikes is a joy.

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