Friday, 9 November 2007


Ok so there you are... you have booked a space in a key arts centre for the Respect festival/LGBT History. You have talked to members of the community letting them know that you have this venue, then. BANG!!

The rug is whipped from under your feet. Because the RESPECT committee is focused on RACISM.
DON'T WANT to spread themselves too thin, don't want to do tockenism to any one group.

SO.... BME that's it folks.
No disabled, no gay or lesbian bi or trans.

there goes the rug!!!

Yes Racism is CRAP!

what happens when you show NO Respect for people who have space booked and then just take it away, no consultation.

what happens you PISS THEM OFF!!!


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Kourosh said...

Excellent post! A perfect title (respect Exeter!) and a truly funny ending (RESPECT MY ARSE)
You are surprisingly frank ;-)