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Volunteer Projects

Intercom Trust currently has an abundance of worthwhile projects that lack persons to pursue them.


If there is a project here that you have an interest in working on, please contact Sarah or Tess. If you have another worthwhile project in mind, please suggest it. This list is constantly being added to as people think up good ideas. Suggesting an idea simply adds it to the list; it does not commit you to working on the project. Note to volunteers: Please do not start on a project before consulting us. There may be some work already done on your project.

Outstanding Projects

Office of LGBT Resources Library Catalog

We require a volunteer to catalog, sort, and arrange Intercom Trust’s vast collection of newspaper cuttings, books, videos and magazine archives. We do not currently have a complete record of this resource and need to catalog them for lending and research purposes. We would prefer that this catalog be a SQL database (or other web friendly form). Eventually we would like to integrate this database into Intercom’s website. If you do not have the technical knowledge but are interested in doing the cataloging, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LGBT Organisations, projects, clubs, groups, media and business, a list
This project will consist of gathering the names of LGBT related groups, businesses media outlets etc from the past to the present day and building a list for eventual publication as a timeline on the web and paper form. YOU MUST OBTAIN THE INFORMED PERMISSION of all persons added to the list. We will check on the permission before any publication. Some LGBT individuals may not want their names added to this list. You must respect this.

Guide to LGBT History Terminology, books, and web sites as a LGBT Resources
This will be a resource for people interested in learning about the various terms methods, resources etc. available for people interested in LGBT History.. It will be posted to web on completion and available in paper based form. The target audience is a person with little or no experience of LGBT History or researching LGBT History.

History of Intercom Trust
Locate, compile, organize and present information regarding the history of Intercom Trust and the efforts that preceded its establishment. This should tie in closely with LGBT History Month. The project will be posted to web on completion and become part of the exhibitions, activities and discussions etc. during LGBT History Month

LGBT University groups in the South West Peninsula. A History
Gather information on LGBT organisations and groups that do or have existed on the various University Campuses in the SW Peninsula. Very little of this information currently exists. This project will be posted to the web on completion and available as an exhibition etc. during LGBT History Month.

National/World History of the LGBT History Movement
Create a primer for those interested in the history of the LGBT rights movement and the major events that have shaped it. This is primarily intended for publication online and thus does not necessarily have to be entirely original writing; it may simply act as a gateway to further web resources. If you would be interested in creating a paper version, obviously more original written content would be required.

Oral histories of LGBT People oin South West Peninsula
You will interview and record the oral histories of older LGBT People in the South West for an archive and eventually as a resource for LGBT History Month and other LGBT History events.

LGBT History coordinator
Contact Sarah Stephenson


All volunteers will have discretion and authority with regards to their chosen projects. Projects will be delegated and overseen by Sarah. Some projects might require support and guidance from other members of Intercom Trust.
None of these projects should require significant funding. If funding is required, a budget must be submitted to Paul Roberts. DO NOT SPEND MONEY THAT HAS NOT BEEN REQUESTED AND GRANTED. Your spending might not be approved and you might have to pay for this spending out of your own pocket.

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